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Blue Ridge, GA 30513


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Fire/Rescue Chief & EMA Deputy Director: Larry Thomas
Deputy Chief: Rob Ross
Training Chief: Cory Collogan
Fannin County Fire Department Training

The Fannin County Fire Department provides fire protection to all of Fannin County. The department also provides rescue services, first responders, rescue specialists, swift water rescue, dive team, mountain wilderness rescue, hazardous material response, and pressurized container response.

Fannin County Fire Department is a combination department consisting of 20 full-time fire medics and over one hundred volunteer firefighters and first responders with a paid fire chief and deputy fire chief. The department consists of fifteen stations, each with a class A pumper and most with a additional tanker and pumper. The department also has one aerial truck. Eight stations also contain a rescue/squad truck. The county is classified as an ISO 5/9 for insurance purposes, meaning that if the house is within one thousand feet of a pressurize hydrant and five road miles of a fire station, the rating is a five, and if the house is within the five road miles of a fire station but not within one thousand feet of a pressurized hydrant, the rating will be a nine. And any structure that is more than five road miles from a fire station will be classified as a ten. ISO ratings affect the cost of insurance on all structures. A lower ISO rating usually results in a lower cost of insurance for the structure.